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Well this has been a super strange year to say the least. But God is still in control. It has been 4 months since our last newsletter. Without having any short term mission teams come to visit this year has made  it very different for us.

We have tried to help the people here as much as possible with food bag delivery. For 6 months there has been no public transportation and that means that most people here have not been able to go to work. No work equals no food in the house. So we have tried to help those in the greatest need. By my estimate we have given away 1,800 bags of food, containing beans, rice, oatmeal, pasta, corn, cooking oil, sugar, salt, the basic essentials. When these food bag deliveries are made it is explained to the people, that this is a gift from God. That He loves them and wants to help them. The only reason we do this is to share the love of God with them. This is only made possible by your faithful donations. So thank you for helping us to help them.

Also we have been able to build a few houses and make repairs to houses that are in need of improvement. We have changed the styling of the houses some. We are now putting plywood on the exterior of the house. The guys say that it is a little faster and easier and makes for a better looking house. It will be much easier to paint the house afterwards. That is something the family can do, or when we are able to have teams again the teams can do it too.

During this down time we have been making some repairs and improvements to the drill rig. Repainting it and adding better hoses and a high pressure injection pump. We have ordered and gotten 200 feet more drill pipe. We also have had a major part of the hoist that broke. So had to order new parts for that. But hopefully after the new year we will have it working better and can continue making wells for the people here. There is a government official that we met and he is helping us to get license plates for the rig so that we can drive it down the road. That process has taken a long time, but Praise God we are getting closer to having that all done.

Please be in prayer with us for safety and health for the ministry team. Also for those families effected by Covid-19. Both here and all over the world. Please give praise to God for all that we have been able to do to help. And that the country is slowly beginning to open up. 

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