Who We Are

We are Bob and Georgette Kornegay, from Snyder, Tx. Married 20 years raised 5 girls.

We were called to the mission field full time in 2006 after serving on several mission trips and falling in love with the Guatemalan people.

We initially served with Charlie and Pat Reynolds with His Appointed Time Ministries who had been there already for 11 years. God prepared us for the work He would eventually call us to through Servants Hearts Ministries during that time as we supported the work in a private Christian school, with a restoration center and with the distribution of good clean drinking water to the poor and needy. Over many years with the help of God and our many generous supporters we have been able to provide hundreds of homes, fuel efficient stoves and clean water.  As we help drill water wells, we are reminded that the most important work that we do as servants is to provide the Living Water that never runs out, Jesus Christ. 

For more information click here to read an article from Snyder Daily News.

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