Short Term Mission Teams

We can now host short term mission teams of 4-15 people so be praying for those possibilities. Just get in contact with us and tell us what you would like to do. And the dates. For example, Labor, construction, painting, VBS, street witnessing, or just site seeing. We can accommodate your team.

Prayer Support

There will always be opportunities for prayer support, that God will open the ears of the local people and that we will have wisdom in learning the language. Pray for strength on the construction projects, and honest workers with integrity.

Child Education

Also there is the opportunity to help by sponsoring a child in Charlie and Pats school, the cost is 25.00 a month. If you feel God leading you to do this please indicate so on your donation. Since the school is operated by His Appointed Time Ministries Please send these donations to His Appointed Time ministries at P.O. Box 1351 Snyder ,Tx. 79550-1351 Or go to www.hisappointedtime.com Your donation helps with operating cost of the school such as paying teachers, books and the like.

Casa Shalom Orphanage

Also you could sponsor a child at Casa Shalom orphanage the cost per child is $30.00 a month and it goes to providing healthy meals, school outings, and school supplies Those can be made to Josh and Jessica Hanson at www.thehansonsinguatemala.blogspot.com

Donation Opportunities

Want to learn more? Download our pamphlet (PDF) which provides some costing of some of the ministries that we are committed to.


Thank you for your help.