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Did you know?

·       Nationally, between 56-64% of the population lives below the national poverty level or $2/day. That number rises to over 75% in rural areas.

·       23% live in extreme poverty with less than $1/day

·       50% of Guatemalans, mostly indigenous, live in inadequate housing

·       Between 1 million and 1.5 million live in houses of corn stalk or scavenged materials

·       Replacing a dirt floor with cement results in (according to the Central for Evaluation for Global Action)

o   13% less diarrhea

o   20% reduction in anemia

o   Scores 30% higher on language and communication skills for toddlers

o   Improvements of 9% on vocabulary. 

o   Improvements observed were a result of fewer parasites in homes due to cement floors.

Please indicate how you would like to see your donation used:

Sponsor a water well – $6000

House Kit – $1800 includes cost of home, clean water filtration system, fuel efficient stove and a Bible.

Fuel efficient stove – $170

Water filter kit – $65

Provide food for a family – $30 per bag

Sponsor Bible Distribution – Bibles cost $2 each.  We will be distributing Bibles in cooperation with a large medical outreach 4 times a year.

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