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Hello friends, We pray that you are all doing well and are safe, healthy.

One of the things that we enjoy is when we are able to host short term mission teams. It is so wonderful to see God working in peoples lives. In just one short week God can transform some of them in the most amazing ways. They go home with a renewed spirit, and want to serve Him more in their home towns. Well, as you can imagine we have not been having teams coming down to Guatemala. Last year at the beginning of the year we had some groups come then it all stopped. We really don’t know if we will ever be able to have teams come again. But never the less we will keep on doing what God has called us to do, until we can’t do it any more. None of this is a surprise to Him. We will keep praying that this virus goes away and people can go back to some form of normalcy.

We have been very busy taking care of legal work here. It is sometimes mind blowing how many legal things have to be done at the first of every year just for us to stay here and live to the upmost of the law. You need to understand that taking care of legal things here can be very lengthy, annoying, and frustrating. Mostly because nothing is made easy, and nothing gets done quickly. It can take days just to take care of paying property taxes. Through all this I think that God is teaching me something. It is very hard to see it, but I am sure that He is.

We are working at putting a new roof on the bodega. The old roof was a gable style roof and some of the rain water was getting into our neighbors house, so we completely removed the overhead roof and redesigned it and are now going back with a new roof. When all is done the water will go the opposite direction from the neighbors house. It is considerably taller than the old roof and will make it easier to work on the drill rig that gets parked there.

One our staff families mother had a long hard illness. She passed away last year and this lady left behind a great legacy as an amazing Christ follower. In her passing her daughter wanted to build a house for someone here in Loving memory of her mom. That was just recently competed and what a blessing it is to see a family get a new house that needed it so badly. There are some medical needs that this family has. The mom has diabetes, one of her sons has seizures, and it looks like God has already worked it out to take care of those needs. What an amazing God we serve?

We thank you for keeping up with us and praying for this ministry. Please keep praying for our safety here and the work that we are doing. We love what we do and would not be able to do it without those prayers.









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