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We are sorry for the delay in this newsletter. Since the end of March, as you all know, all of our worlds have been totally changed. We pray you all are keeping your eyes on the Father.

Even though our team season is pretty much canceled for the summer, we have still been busy with ministry. As many of you who have been here know, the people here live day by day. They work to eat daily, and since the country is in lockdown, much like you there, they have no way to make a living. We have read in the paper here that  there is a subsidy program in place. We don’t know how it will affect the rural areas as that is where the real need is.

Our team has been busy making and distributing food bags. Many of the other ministries here are doing the same.

Bob has been drilling up in the north west part of Guatemala and he’s been successful in drilling 2 wells in remote villages and developing another well in another village. He will try to finish up work in that area next week.

prayer requests : the end of this pandemic, safety and health for our staff as they continue to serve, faith and perseverance for us all.

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