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Hello Friends,  I pray that you are doing well during these difficult times. With all the uncertainty of these latest events covering the world. These are some observations I have had. With families being quarantined to their homes, it is bringing them back together, closer. Families are playing cards and board games. They are having discussions about the more serious things in life. Some people are making that decision to follow the Lord due to those discussions. More people are reading God’s word and spending time in the study of His word. These are all great things that are happening. So God is using what was meant as evil to bring about good things, again. A friend on facebook made this post “If people are freaking out about what is happing now, just wait for the rapture where they will find out that there really is a God.”  And every knee will bow.

As Pastor Ben so eloquently preached about last week, (Praise God for technology) is that we should not worry. God is still in control. And the truth is worry shows a lack of faith and that is a sin. Matthew 6:27 “Can any of you add one moment to his life-span by worrying?”  In 6:34 it says “Therefore don’t worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” So basically you can chose to worry about the things going with this virus, or trust in the Lord. Worry doesn’t change a thing, it only brings more grief on yourself which is unhealthy. Or trust in the Lord which demonstrates faith, which brings you joy, peace, and happiness. By the way that also brings joy to the Lord when we walk in Faith.

I want to share with you all what we are doing here in Guatemala. We have had almost all our teams for this year cancel their trip. So we are refocusing our efforts to help the people with food and water. We are under curfew from 4PM until 4AM. so we are obeying that law, but during those hours when we can move about we go out in faith and deliver food to the people who now have no way to make money to buy food. See most Guatemalans live day to day. They don’t have the resources to go to the store and buy up large amounts of food. Of course we try to protect ourselves, using hand sanitizer, wearing gloves and mask. But mostly praying for safety and protection from the Lord. I know we are not able to help them all but we can help those that we know about, and those who are in front of us today. We are also using this time to tell them that this provision comes from the Lord with his mercy and goodness. Trying to spread a little hope where there are many with out hope. So if anybody wants to help with these efforts, you are more than welcome to. Those food bags that we are making are $25.00 each. They have the basics and should feed an average family for about 2 weeks. If you help with this please make a note on your check that its for food ministry.

Also I want to tell you about some exciting new in the water ministry. I have been working on some water wells up in the North of Guatemala and I am working with a local guy. He tells me “I think I know someone who might help you in your ministry, could I give him your phone number?” I said sure, thinking I would never hear from this person. Then I get a call from this man from Ohio whom I have never met before. He asked me what would it take to help you drill wells faster and better? We want to help. I was nervous at first and couldn’t believe that it was real. But it was, he has helped by purchasing a large air compressor, a down hole hammer, and some bits for the drill rig. Praise God, right. So those things will be on their way to Guatemala soon. Now to give you a chance to help too, we will still need a foam injection pump and some high pressure hose. Those things will cost about $3,000.00. Thank you in advance for any help for the people of Guatemala both with food and sufficient water.


For the prayer request, we ask that you pray for the entire world during these stressful times, also for the people of Guatemala. Pray for the work going on here, that we can show the Love of Christ to everyone we contact. 

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