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Happy Mother’s Day and Congratulations to all you who have people graduating , wether it be High School, College, or something else. We celebrate with you all!

I was honored to attend the graduation of Madison Gross, Michael and Kelly Gross’s daughter. They are working with this ministry and are a huge blessing to us as well as many others. They are a part of a Home School Co-op here in Guatemala and I so respect these Moms that home school their children. Madison was accepted to Union University in Kentucky. Way to go Madison!

Next month team season starts  and the guys have been preparing for it.

Bob and some of the guys that work with us have been in northern Guatemala since the beginning of April drilling water wells.The first well he drilled there was not successful.  He has finally been successful in locating water for a village called Yalicoc. This village struggles for water during dry season. Their dry season  just lasts 3 months  During this time they have to pay for water or there is a cave with water nearby that has an opening that only a child can fit into, so they send their children into this cave for water.  He encountered many problems and set-backs but has been persistent and determined. Next week he plans on completing the well.

Prayer requests; above all , health and safety for our teams and our staff, successful drilling efforts, safety in travel to and from Yalicoc.

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