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Hello everybody,

We are so sorry to have to make a correction like this. But in the last newsletter we told you about a water well that I (Bob) and some of the guys were working on in a village called Yalicoc, Guatemala. I thought for sure that we had a good well. For about 150 feet of the drilling I was having to drill blind. What that means is there was no circulation of water/mud returning to the surface. But I still needed to pump water down the hole to cool the bit and move the cuttings away from the bit. So by my estimation we had pumped about 7-8 thousand gallons of water. I am just guessing that if found some sort of cavity or reservoir and stayed there till I started pumping the well. What I thought was water coming from the earth I am assuming it was water that I had put down there. None the less it is not a good well. It pumped dry. This is a huge let down for us and for the community of Yalicoc.  Please join us in prayer as to what to do to help these people get some water.

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