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Happy Mother’s Day from all of us here at Servants Hearts Ministries! We pray that each of you received the honor you so deserve.

May is a month of preparation. Bob and Michael and Vinicio, along with Jeremias, have been collecting materials, checking paper work, building slabs, and doing all the necessary prep work to have things ready when teams start coming. It is a behind the scenes process that takes many man hours. We are thankful that God sent us these men to help.

Bob and the guys had the opportunity to go to a Church Conference area in Santa Sofia to attempt to drill them a water well. They hit rock after 20 feet and tried to keep drilling but ended up breaking the sub and the bit in the hole. They had to fish for it and when they couldn’t recover it, the Guatemalan workers decided to dig it out. It took a total of 12 hours to get it out. They installed a sub pump in their existing well ¬†and told them they would return with the big rig when it’s ready to be used.

We’d like to let you know that another couple has partnered with us to help us in the ministry. Vinicio and Karry Lopez, along with their 2 daughters, Emma and Selah. Vinicio helped us last team season on some of the house builds and felt like our ministry was a good fit for him. We are so grateful for answered prayers, as we had been praying for God to send us helpers. We are now blessed with the Gross family and the Lopez family to partner with this ministry.

Prayer requests: safety and health for all our teams, God’s presence to go before us and come after us as we minister, strength for all of us as we lead this team season


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