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Happy Spring to you all!  We pray you had a great Easter. As usual, things pretty much come to a halt here until after Semana Santa. Georgette was able to be with her children this year for Easter.

Bob had a team of 7 from Florida. They were here to do Dental Clinic and there was also a medical professional so they were able to meet physical needs as well. They went to 4 different villages and saw a total of 313 people. Teeth were extracted, and  cleaned. The people were taught how to brush their teeth properly and they had a lot of fun also.

There is a team here staying at Casa Shalom and today and tomorrow they are building 2 houses. Bob and Michael are helping with this. They are with Hope Project Ministry. We are thankful to be able to   partner with this ministry.

Prayer requests are ; health and safety for all our teams, completion of work on the new drilling rig, for salvations and relationships to be realized, for us as we lead through this busy time. 

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