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Happy New Year to you all!

We pray that you all had a great Christmas and that your New Year has been prosperous as well. We came to the states in November to celebrate the wedding of a Grand-daughter  and visit with a new grand-baby, as well as celebrate Thanksgiving also. We were able to spend Christmas with family as well,  before coming back to our new year.

Our first visitors of the year were Steve Pepper and Kyle Harrington. Kyle is a petroleum engineer student at Texas Tech and had to get permission from the school to be able to come and work with our ministry. They approved us and he was able to come and have his visit count as part of his work abroad internship. They built a house, installed stoves, worked on the water project in Esquintla, poured a concrete slab at the day care facility in Santa Maria, and he was able to experience life in Guatemala. We really enjoyed their visit. It was a great way to start the year.



Next, we had a group from Florida come. The group of  22  came and held a 3 day Youth Camp in Santa Maria De Jesus at Campos De Suenos. They fed the children breakfast and lunch , as well as praise and worship, preaching, and playing. It was an amazing time for the team and the kids too. Pastor Gabriel, Brother Mario, Fabiola, Jeremias, and all the staff that works at Campos de Suenos were able to take part in the services and were blessed and greatly encouraged. The team is planning to return for another one in October.

The ministry was also able to buy school shoes, and supplies for a family in Santa Maria. We’ve been ministering to this family for a few years.



We are having some issues with our web-site right now, but we’re working on getting them fixed so please bear with us.

Prayer requests for this month are: safety and health for the teams coming, completion of  pending projects, opportunities for further ministry, our health, and we are praising God for these first teams of the year.



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