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Happy Valentine Day!
We pray you were showered with love from the Father and turned that love to someone else.
This month has been a catch up month for Bob. He’s been busy with projects and also first of year things we have to do to live here legally.
He helped an orphanage in Antigua, Casa Del Destino, which houses around 8 small children with a water issue they were having. H.O.M.E. International is another orphanage he went and helped with their water problem. Their water well was contaminated and he found a remedy for it. The project in Esquintla is progressing nicely and the workers have started digging on the well again. One whole day was designated just to go around the country and replace UV bulbs. This is a costly, but essential part of keeping those systems functioning effectively. Bob and Obed have also been co-ordinating and planning for the teams coming next month.
We have quite a few things we have to take care of to maintain our residency here and we were able to get those things accomplished.










Prayer requests are: health and safety for  our up-coming teams, completing the project at Esquintla, guidance and direction for future ministry opportunities.

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