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Hello and Happy Spring from Guatemala!

We pray you had a relaxing fun Spring Break. Our team season is off to a great start, but let me give you an update as to what Bob has been doing lately.He had the opportunity to go to a remote aldea (village) and drill a water well. This area has artesian springs in various places and he got to drill a well in a location that previously had a well that had been destroyed in an earthquake. He was successful and the community now has a good source of water. He’s going to go back to the same aldea and drill another well for their school. The children that attend are required to bring a jug of water to school with them every day. This new well will address this problem.

Bob,Obed, and Gary have also been going to Esquintla to try to finish with the project there. He told me today that all 12 houses that have been built for the people living at the Dump now have water plumbed to each house. That is a huge PRAISE GOD!

We had a team from Myakka Florida come and have a medical clinic in 3 different areas. Rio Bravo, the dump, and a squatters settlement.  In all they attended to over 1,000 people, gave 215 water buckets, and prayed for all who came. There were 16 salvations and because there is such a spiritual need and hunger, this team is planning on coming back and possibly having a tent revival. These people have a real hunger for the Lord. We saw God work in so many ways in that area. There was a woman who has cancer and she came for prayer and a woman that had received a water bucket the day before went to her house and brought the bucket and gave it to the woman. Nobody prompted this, she did this out of  love. It was beautiful thing to watch. There was an elderly man that had a stroke and couldn’t speak who came for prayer and so we prayed for him. The next day he came back speaking!!!! What a blessed week we had.

Prayer requests are : safety and health for all our teams, ministry opportunities, health and safety for us, as well as Gary and his family and Obed and his family, Susan Ma in the loss of her husband Josh.

Praise reports: the 16 people that received salvation, completion of the water project in Esquintla, and the water well in Yalu.



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