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Hello All , We’re back in Guatemala. In June we were called with the news that Bob’s Dad was going to pass. Bob was in the middle of drilling a water well in Quiche. He shut down the rig and we went to Texas. When we got there Harold had been put on Hospice and was home. He did a complete turnaround after we got there. We ended up staying for 4 months, taking care of Patty and Harold. We told them of our plans to return to Guatemala and Patty decided to move to Pearland. She is originally from there and has a lot of family in the area. We moved them on October 6 and returned ┬áhome October 17.

Despite our absence, ministry continued. Vinicio and Karry Lopez, along with Fernando Olayo (Mono), hosted teams. They did a great job and we appreciate all their hard work. We are blessed to have them in the ministry. The teams built houses passed out food bags, painted a fence, and did a great job of being the hands of Jesus.

Guatemala had presidential elections in June and there have been protests due to political unrest in the country. Guatemala was nearly shut down for 2 weeks as the people blocked off several major roads and pretty much paralyzed movement . We got back just as they eased up on the protests.

Bob is getting ready to resume drilling again. I will be helping with a clinic .

Vinicio and Karry will be going to the states in November for Karry to have foot surgery. They will be back in February of 2024.

Prayer requests are: Karry’s foot surgery, Success for Bob on the wells he drills, political unrest here in Guatemala

We love and appreciate you all and pray you have a wonderful holiday season.

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