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Happy Fall and in some places Winter to you all !

Even though Bob and I were on vacation in September, the guys kept on working. Michael, Vinicio and Jose built the first house in La Reina, an area in El Rodeo, for a couple living in horrible conditions. They were so thankful and then Megan and Than Graffam’s team bought them a pila.

While that team was here they built 2 homes in the same area. This area is down the road from where the volcano erupted and caused so much damage. They built a metal house for a man who lost 2 daughters and they built a wooden house for a widow lady living in the area. This lady was sleeping on the ground, no bed, in a lean to. She was so thankful for her house.  There are many people that were affected by the eruption that are living in this area. Megan and Than are coming with another team next week to build 4 more houses in this area.

Bob has been busy working on the new truck. He’s been building toolboxes and a headache rack for it. This truck will make the ministries daily operations run more smoothly. Thank you to all the people who helped the ministry purchase this.

Prayer requests :  safety as the teams and our guys work around the volcano, the people affected by the volcano, finish work on drilling rig


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