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Happy New Year from us here in Guatemala!

We pray your year started out with a “bang””, our’s certainly did! As is the custom in Guatemala, there were fire works being shot off all night and half of the next day. Our poor dogs had to endure the same through Christmas, so we let them stay inside with us until it was over.

We don’t have any teams scheduled this month. In stead we’re taking care of all the things necessary for us to live here. There are renewals, certifications, property taxes, registrations, several things that we are required to do. We’re happy to be able to accomplish these things.

I have been going up to Santa Maria de Jesus and checking on our families and taking them food. Many of you know Maria Concepcion. Her baby, Carlos, was very sick before Christmas. He’s passing out when he cries now. We took him to the Dr. and he’s having to have some tests run. He ordered and EEG, which came back normal, a blood test, which showed he’s anemic, and he’s wanting to have an Eco cardiogram test run on him. We go tomorrow to Hermano Pedro Hospital in Antigua, to set up an appointment. Please keep this baby in your prayers.

Bob has been diligently working on the new water well drilling rig. He’s very pleased with the progress he’s making on it.

Prayer requests are: baby Carlos, work on the rig, up-coming teams, pray for the people God has in mind to come help us.






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