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Hello from Guatemala,

It’s been a while since we’ve published a newsletter. I apologize for that.

Besides surviving the pandemic, we’ve been through some physical struggles. I had knee replacement surgery in September of 2020. During the surgery I was infected with a bacteria. It wasn’t detected until I had my yearly physical and my gynecologist found it in my blood work. The surgeon thought that it was a soft tissue infection and treated it as so. It was a bone infection. He did surgery to remove the prosthesis in May 2021. I had a severe bone infection and he put a spacer in my knee until the infection could be handled. I was on IV antibiotics for 5 weeks The medication was strong and my veins kept closing. It was a trying time emotionally and spiritually. I was on crutches for close to a year. Bob was doing everything, the IV’s, cleaning, cooking, caring for me. We finally got the infection under control.

I recently had another surgery to remove the spacer and put another knee. So far, Praise God, everything is looking good. God directed us to a knowledgeable doctor and he’s been able to help restore me to health.

During this time our ministry schedules have been greatly affected. We have managed to receive some teams and Bob has been able to work on water projects. The restrictions here were pretty tight and very changeable for a while. The president here is finally easing up on masks and vaccine requirements

We have 2 teams coming this summer. We’re praying to be back to normal for the 2023 team season. God willing.

We’ve lost some of our team, Michael and Kelly Gross. They moved back to Kentucky to help care for her father. Her Mother passed 2 years ago. We miss them terribly, but understand and are praying for them as they transition to life in the states.

This has been a long journey for everyone.We love and appreciate all of you, we’re so thankful for your prayers. We miss you

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