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Well Hello from Guatemala, after returning  home we have been busy trying to get caught up and making preparations for being in the states for Christmas.  We have been installing lots of stoves and took a friend to the doctors office to help her with some medical problems.

Upon our return I had an appointment to go and look at a location for drilling a water well.  We are going to need to come up with a different approach for this one. It is so remote and rough terrain that I can’t get the drill machine in there. And It is going to be trying  to drill through some rock. Something this drilling rig doesn’t do very well. I have been told that in this area the water is only about 20 feet deep so I think we are going to be looking into have this well hand dug. This well will be for a little widow women and her neighbors.  Praying that God can help us to make a well for this precious woman and her friends.

Next we were able to go to the new feeding center in Santa Maria de Jesus for the first time since it opened in mid September. They are now feeding over 300 children 2 times a week. I will be going tomorrow to purchase and deliver 300 lbs. of beans and 300 lbs. of rice. What a blessing that is for this very poor community.

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We have been putting in lots of stoves too.  The people are so happy to be getting these stoves. Typically we go to someones home to install a stove and the neighborhood knows why we are there, so we get to add more names to the growing list of people who need them.  With every stove we tell them that this is a gift from God. As a matter of fact everything in our lives is a gift from God so please give Him the thanks.

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And lastly we want to tell you about Natalia, She is the mom of 4 children who we have known for about 2 years. For about the last year her daughter Evelyn has been telling us that she is in pain all the time. We didn’t know exactly what to do, these people work so hard, we just thought it could be from working all the time so hard. But this week we took her and her husband to a doctors office in Antigua. That doctor thought that she might have a mild case of epilepsy so he ordered some test and sure enough she does.  We were able to go to the pharmacy and get her the proper medications for this problem.  Her husband thanks us so much, he has a job but makes very little money  and he said that he would not ever have been able to do what we did for her. Praise God we were able to get some help for this sweet family.

And now here is our prayer request. First I want to give God Praise for all the people who prayed for and showed God’s love to my family at the passing of my mom.  Thank you body of Christ. Please pray for the ongoing ministry here, lives that are being touched, relationships and  friends that are being made.  Pray that we can be the best example of God’s great love. 

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