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Greetings from Guatemala and Happy Valentines to you all.  We have really been staying busy with teams and visitors coming down to serve the Lord and help the people of Guatemala. First Baptist Church Snyder, Tx., Then Steve Pepper from Knox City, Tx. Then a group of church builder friends from different parts of Texas.

First Baptist Church, Snyder, Tx. is our home church and I told about them in our last newsletter. However I just wanted to say again how much we appreciate our home town people coming to visit and work along side of us here.

Steve Pepper is a good friend that we got to know through Jerry and Temi Webb. Steve and his wife Kay came and worked here with us along with the Webb’s about a year ago. Well Steve enjoyed it so much that he wanted to return, just him. Kay couldn’t make it this trip. We missed you Kay, but had a great time with Steve. Have you ever met someone and just click right from the start? Well that is the way Steve is. He has a very giving Spirit and wants to help with everything. He came for more than just a week it was 9 days in all, and it went by way too fast. He got here and we had plans for the whole time and I told him as always these plans are subject to change, and they did. We just go with where ever God moves us and it works out better that way anyway.  We went to Rio Bravo to service 5 of the 7 water filter systems there,  we bought and delivered 200 lbs. of beans and 200 lbs. of rice to the feeding center at Santa Maria de Jesus. Then helped to feed the kids there. We took food and welding equipment to our friend Pastor Abraham in Buena Vista , and went and installed 3 stoves there along with an addition onto one of the kitchens. We built a home with a kitchen and stove for a very poor family in the village of Pastores. And we did it all in the name of our wonderful Lord and Provider. Thank you Lord for Steve Pepper and your Hand in our lives.  Thank you Steve for coming and pouring yourself  into the people here.1555481_10152190453584066_660843521_n

Next we had a group of church builder friends from Texas, The Bradshaw’s. Scott, and his son Joby from Weatherford , Scott’s dad, Johnny Bradshaw from Hawley, Tx. and David Schaerdel from the Austin area. They came and helped with lots of projects too. We did some more painting on the new feeding center, we painted the inside of a small house at Casa Shalom orphanage that will be used for an intern coming soon, we built a home in Santa Maria de Jesus, and installed lots of stoves.  We went over to visit with Pastor Abraham and installed stoves in the Buena Vista area and afterwards we had a Pollo Compero feast at his house. He said he could never afford to buy fried chicken for all his family and it was the first time that some of his kids had eaten  Pollo Compero, for those of you who don’t know. Pollo Compero is a fried chicken chain restaurant here, and it is really good fried chicken. They loved it, Joby did too. OH wait Joby loved everything we ate. Joby is a growing young man.  It is always great to have friends come to the mission field for a short term mission trip when it is their first time. It is like we get refreshed because we see the joy in them to help and bless others less fortunate. Thank you all for Giving to the Lord and the people of Guatemala.  Also thank you David Schaerdel for coming to help, David had been here several times before  and was a great help because he knew the way things go here and could help to coordinate a lot of it.

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photo-2 So after these friends left to go home I still have lots to do to get ready for our next group coming from Florida. They will be arriving on the 20th.

I also went and looked at a new location for a water purification station at a school in Santo Tomas Milpas Altas near our town of San Lucas. This school has about 200 children who’s families can’t afford for them to go to any other school. So I got busy putting together another 8 gallon per minuet Ultra Violet light purification system for them. It is not completely installed yet. There is some new plumbing that is going to need to be installed first. But I think the system will be finished about the 27th of this month.

And now for the prayer request for this month. We ask that you continue to keep the up and coming teams in your prayers. We ask that God would work in their lives as well as in the lives of the people here in Guatemala. Also please pray for safety for them and good health while here. Pray that the Lord’s will be done. 

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